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If you don’t have the Immersion tab on your page, simply search (in Duolingo) for “translation.” On the right, click “Can I upload immersion documents to be translated?

” Finally, click the “upload content” link and it will take you to the proper page to get you started.

If you fail to meet your daily goal, the tally resets to zero.

The first thing you will do is look over the main ideas of the lesson via a “cheat sheet” of learning points.

After that you start the “game” by answering questions to unlock the levels. You are rewarded with Lingots (Duolingo’s online currency) that can be used in the virtual store. There are also other ways (like inviting friends to join Duolingo) to earn Lingots to enhance your bank.

Not everyone can afford to take a college class, and thanks to the internet, you don’t have to. We put together a list of the best FREE language sites to help you successfully learn Spanish.

You can complete your lessons on the subway, waiting in line at the DMV, or in your pajamas at home. If you are just starting out, or speaking Spanish like a native, you can use this site to learn new vocabulary or brush up on what you already know.

It is also a great site to practice all of the grammar you learn right here on Spanish Hackers! Head on over to Duolingo and practice using the tense!

Schools nation wide use this site to aide in learning a language.

On average 34 hours of Duolingo is equal to 1 semester of a college level course.

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