19 year old dating older man

It's just particularly unusual to go from dating a grandmother to dating a teenager (unless you're Woody Allen). It may not technically be against the rules, but does he really want to be known as "that creepy prof who sleazes on students"? I've never been married, so parts of my life are in an arrested stage of development.

I think the younger and less-experienced of the two is more likey to get hurt in this situation.

I've wondered if there's as much of a stigma in the straight community, or if there'd be as much or more of a stigma if a 19 year old guy was dating a hot 38 year old woman. In a way, I can identify very closely with someone who is in their late teens or early 20s.

(I don't think I mentioned that my co-worker is a particularly young looking 38; if I were to cast him in a movie I'd probably go with Seth Meyers ( from SNL- so it could be jealousy since if I were to cast myself I'd probably go with Burl Ives : D .) Now otoh, I don't have the slightest problem looking at male strippers who aren't much if any older than 19 anymore than most straight guys would mind looking at female strippers that age, but somehow that's different because... If I was with someone who was college-aged, I wouldn't feel that we didn't share a similar set of experiences.

)- the lady he just broke up with was a grandmother.

She was a very young grandmother (she had a kid when she was about 18 and that child had a child when she was about 22- the lady was slightly older than my co-worker- probably 41-42- and became a grandmother after they started dating- and though I'm gay I can still say she looks better in a pair of tight jeans than any "granny" I ever saw). Usually, I pursue/date women who are between their early 30s and early 40s. Although I don't think I could date someone who is 19, I can understand how such a relationship could happen.

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