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I felt myself surrounded by a library’s worth of stories: all the villages and cities people had left behind, the journeys they’d made, the communities they’d found themselves inhabiting far from home. E., the country is almost always represented entirely by Dubai, which itself is almost always reduced to a glitzy, two-dimensional backdrop: a suitably strange, foreign Elsewhere, chock-full of easy signifiers of the “very old” (dark-skinned men in robes, desert sand) and the “futuristic” (Lamborghinis, postmodern architecture). is not a backdrop or a metaphor; it’s where they live. Confident I had failed.”In a book primarily about the U. E.’s foreign labor force—a group of people who, even in sympathetic journalistic exposés, too often come across as one undifferentiated mass of victims—this tiny vignette works wonders, jolting the readerly brain away from abstraction and directing it toward the fine grain of life.I searched for these stories in bookstores but found little, at least in the way of literature. It appears most commonly in mysteries and thrillers—the perfect dash of exotic spice to liven up a visitor’s investigation into some globe-spanning conspiracy. It’s the young country they build with their labor. Unnikrishnan isn’t papering over the frequent harshness of noncitizen life, or denying how degrading it can be.Also, cameras may be banned in public areas designated for women and children only.years ago, I moved from New York to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

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Despite the speed of economic development over the last 30 years, Abu Dhabi continues to promote traditional cultural and sporting events, such as falconry, camel racing and traditional dhow sailing.

As far as he knows, he is the only person from Abu Dhabi who teaches at the school.

When his fellow-teachers, new to the city, ask him for tips about what to do with their kids on the weekend, he looks up answers on Google.

“I’m afraid to tell them the truth, which is that I have no idea,” he said.

“Growing up, it wasn’t like I had any money to spend.

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