Advice for dating someone in the military

Was overseas, got home and my house was empty, the car gone, bank accounts empty and the wife in another state to "visit her parents." Never saw anything I listed again.

Anyway, I've recently met a very nice guy, and now everyone around me including my parents are warning me and waiting for it all to blow up in my face. For some people the military is an extension of high school.Elvina Lui is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in relationship counseling.She received her Masters in Counseling from Western Seminary in 2007 and has been a certified MFT for over 7 years. "As soon as it is suspected that trauma happened, ask to be assessed for PTSD and get treatment.You need to learn to accept every aspect of your new relationship, especially the periods of distance.As gender roles are in a period of change, learning the basics of what you can expect from a relationship with a soldier is more important than ever.

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