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André tells me that to survive a nuclear event, you have to be three stories underground and you have to stay put for two weeks while the winds clear the toxic air.His girlfriend has looked into it, and this basement is registered nuke-safe or something—it’s a legit shelter.Among other things, it’s mainly about being in a dysfunctional relationship full of meaningless fights that lead to nowhere.Contrary to it’s happy-go-lucky style, the track covers some upsetting and often brutally depressing topics.Other than a few genius-level guest appearances and an Out Kast reunion tour in 2014, rap iconoclast André Benjamin has been off in his own distant orbit for the past decade or so.Here, we make contact with 3 Stacks to talk about what he’s been doing since “Hey Ya!But you did very good girl online friends, his cost you a fortune to contact them on webcam, but they even take their stuff for a while.

This installation allows a profile to be accessible; you can search for the right match or just chat with online dating members.

With it, you can check its Vital sufficiently (but not with 100% certainty, since someone can married or divorced anywhere).

There are millions of people in this world who are simply looking to find happiness that this happiness is through a long-term relationship or a busier life dating or may have a physical relationship with beautiful women more consistently.

So if things get hectic between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, or if Indian Point starts to melt down…party at 3000’s place.

We just finished a long interview session in a nearby park, and I asked if I could see this space: André pays a little extra rent for access to one of the long, narrow storage rooms down here.

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