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Her mother permitted the boy to move into her home, figuring it would be easier to keep tabs on Angelina if she was under her roof. I cut myself’, was Angelina’s matter-of-fact explanation for her regular self-mutilation that began around that time.She and her boyfriend indulged in the practice as part of their sex sessions, with almost fatal results on one occasion. She can be buoyant and effervescent one minute; depressed and suicidal the next.Less than a year after her birth Angelina’s parents, actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, separated, primarily because Jon was unfaithful more than once. It was all part of the enigma that is Angelina Jolie.

At fourteen she enjoyed flirting with and enticing seventeen year-old boys, but nevertheless lost her virginity to a sixteen year-old punk rocker. Her mother seemingly encouraged the first and was understandably appalled by the second. From an early age she was highly sexual and into self-mutilation.Angelina hated that unfaithfulness and later vowed she would never sleep with a married man, never inflict the pain her mother had felt on another woman. Jon and Marcheline At the age of eleven she started wearing leather jackets, complete with zippers and studs in the collars.She dyed her hair jet black and her mother quickly enrolled her in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute’s Young Actors Program.

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    Some see divorce as failure and experience depressions, while others define it as freedom and experience relief. The stages of divorce presented here are similar to the stages a person goes through when grieving a death. Some people may experience them in the order they are presented; others may experience a few of the stages, but not all. The point is that divorce is a process, and it may not be the same process for everyone as going through stages of divorce means different things to different people.