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The constellations were identified as Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Taurus and Scorpius.The position of each red star within each constellation (as well as the total number of stars) was noted.This code let to a pastebin with the following message: On 2019-01-19, Gassy Mexican streamed gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2.At of the saved livestream the code 2Hawuq0 could be seen.The alphabetical equation tweet read as follows: The answer to this equation was the number 15, which was converted to 'O', the 15th letter in the alphabet.

Shortly thereafter, Knox tweeted the following message: Players noticed that several You Tubers and Twitch streamers started to have a random alphanumeric code appear in their video accompanied by a pink smoke.

At the code 3ej26jqf can be seen to appear on screen unexpectedly.

Keralis appeared to be unaware of this and made no comment in the video or in the description.

A second article on Trust No More was posted by Manchuria which detailed that a cache of data had been uncovered under the label "Project Chimera".

Also noted was that each of the files uncovered appeared to be related to the CEO of Tender - Malcolm Chandler.

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