Beast bayesian dating

This is the number of steps the MCMC will make in the chain before finishing.How long this should be depends on the size of the dataset, the complexity of the model and the quality of answer required.If you haven’t already, download and install BEAST following these instructions.Note: This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of molecular phylogenetics and the models and terminology used in the field.This tutorial describes the use of BEAUti and BEAST to analyse some primate sequences and estimate a phylogenetic tree.It will take you through the process of importing an alignment, making choices about the model, generating a BEAST XML file. This tutorial will guide you through running BEAST and some of its accessory programs to do a simple phylogenetic analysis.

Changing the tuning setting will set how large a move that operator will make which will affect how often that change is accepted by the MCMC which will affect the efficency of the analysis.

Some parameters relate to the tree or to the heights of the nodes of the tree and these have special operators.

The next column, labelled , gives a tuning setting to the operator.

This is the default — the taxa all have a date of zero and the tab you can set the model of molecular evolution for the sequence data you have loaded.

Exactly which options appear depend on whether the data are nucleotides or amino acids (or other forms of data).

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