Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

Okta allows you to transform, manipulate, and apply logic to AD attributes, ensuring your data is clean and reconciled during the process.Once you install Okta’s AD agents, remote agents authenticate with an AD username and password, while local users can be set up for integrated authentication.News Corp comprises a huge range of businesses, from news and information services to real estate, book publishing, digital ad tech and cable network programming. When Dominic Shine became CIO in 2013, each company was using its own technology strategy and tools.The IT environment patched together numerous SSO solutions, giving users multiple pins, tokens, and access points to keep track of.Of course, data migration is rife with complexity as user information exists in multiple sources and formats.

But when every company is becoming a technology company, it becomes inherently more complex to combine unique technology stacks.Not only is there often a lack of trust established between these disparate user stores, it also becomes a challenge to align local IT operations with those managed by the centralized head office IT team.The result is that time-strapped teams often look for help in the wrong places—expensive consultants, complicated migration tools, overpriced security reviews, or hours and hours of invested effort by team members whose time could be better spent elsewhere. Okta provides a central identity management system to integrate users across different organizations.“What Okta promised is what they actually delivered.” Read the full Newscorp case study here.Two years ago, energy company Engie executed a series of M&As to cement itself as a leader in the energy sector, from electricity, to natural gas, to even nuclear power.

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