Bicycle frame updating

Apparently, Trek fork builders brazed at least two steerer tubes upside down. (Since 1998, Cinelli has used a 26.0mm diameter.) and 2.

the French-made Belleri bars, used on some mid-80s models, have a clamp diameter of 26.0mm (our thanks to Richard Kaufman). Vintage Treks take threaded headsets in contrast to the more modern threadless headsets.

For most people, before the advent of the Internet, it was difficult to find parts for old bikes.

The i BOB discussion list is another good source of information.Their vintage interest overlaps with the dates of vintage Treks.Many big names in cycling here taking time to help others. It is now moderated, making it a much more pleasant way of interacting.Many famous names, people with hundreds of bikes, at least one with a thousand bikes. The list was moved to Google Groups in February of 2011.To join the new group one must obtain a Google Groups account and then apply for membership into the Classic Rendezvous Lightweight Vintage group.

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