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Speaking from a game design perspective though, the reason why the “try to date a classmate” setting persists is because it often resonates with younger audiences who may not have gotten out in the world to as deep an extent, and it’s just easier to have this closed-in setting and premise for knowing these people.Schools are simply easier game worlds to create and you don’t need additional justification for constantly running into these people.But the whole “pursue a bunch of people you go to school with” schematic has utterly been done to death.Something that goes unsaid in how those early Japanese for instance, your teacher and a few classmates are options but so are women you meet outside of that setting.Users typically pursue one of several eligible candidates with the goal of ending up with them, in whatever sense that may be (married, going steady, etc.).

really went over, it’s obvious that players are hungry for more than well-written dialog and relationship-building.How would they fit into something semi-realistic or a fantasy setting and how does sex and romance tie in? The batshittery of 2019 has only just begun and I don’t think it’s that out there to consider that this wave of surrealistic dating sims is just a precursor to how crazy things will get before they better--if they do--and it would behoove us to think more about which games get more attention and why.(See: the absurd amount of people who are incredulous that disabled people get laid, racist encounters on dating apps, and the list goes on.)That’s the thing that feels just a tad hurtful watching dating games with these totally far out concepts get more attention than visual novel and dating sim type games containing more marginalized perspectives: it’s as if a human-faced horse or dating pigeons feels more realistic to audiences than say, a straight woman who has casual sex without getting punished for it or a queer character who faces the same joy and pain as a straight character would. Look out, there’s a new dating simulator in the app store, and it’s already got 1 million users!Dating simulators, or dating sims for short, are romance role-playing games.

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