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Written by 30-something Londoner Katy Horwood, this blog also covers a variety of dating, sex, and relationship topics.Last year’s winner of the UK Blog Awards, she also writes for The Metro and The Huffington Post. As A Student Accused Of Rape Is Found Innocent- I Ask, Why Should Those Who Cry Rape Go Unpunished?One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s interactive.It’s not just about posting an article then fucking off.

A far cry from the “game” blogs you often see by men bragging about how many women they have slept with, Paul is an all-round nice guy and refreshingly down-to-earth about the insecurities that men face.Jordi has also gone on to launch his own dating events start-up Smudged Lipstick (love the name!), which runs cool alternative dating events around London, and will soon be launching in other UK cities too.It’s about interacting on social media, going to events, discovering other cool blogs, and meeting other cool bloggers.So here’s a shoutout to some other great dating writers I think you should be following.

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