Bow wow dating tahiry who is sandra lee dating andrew cuomo

He has opened an online website from where he has been raising fund. The house is well equipped with all facilities and luxuries. He believes in healthy living, and he always maintains a regular workout routine and goes to the gym regularly.

Being a successful Rapper, and an inspiration to a young generation out there, he has a daughter named Shai Moss born on April 27, 2011, with Joie Chavis.Tahiry Jose is a popular socialite, model, actress, and a TV Personality.Besides being semi-famous, Tahiry is widely known for her role in Love & Hip Hop. That’s at least what it looks like with her latest IG post.Bow wow is one of those American-African who is extremely loved by the masses.Rapper Bow Wow recently had a very messy public breakup with his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie, which landed them both behind bars.

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