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Between Sutter and James, they both had experience writing television shows and living criminal lives, but neither of them could bring a female perspective to the series. Sutter has a history of incorporating strong female leads into his shows, and bringing female writers to the team ensured they did it right. was the presence of strong female characters, like Sarah Bolger’s Emily.In season one, Emily rekindles things with EZ shortly after he gets out of prison.sees Elba starring as the titular Charlie, a former one hit wonder turned small time DJ who's roped into becoming a manny (that's "male nanny") for the daughter of his childhood best friend.However, the only reason Charlie agrees to nanny for his established actor friend David (JJ Feild) is so that David's wife Sara (Piper Perabo) - herself a world-famous DJ - will help Charlie reignite his music career.

The season finale also sees Charlie officially transition into a new phase of his life, leaving the role of manny behind, extricating himself from the complicated working/personal dynamic between himself and Sara and leaving on a world tour with her former manager, Astrid (Angela Griffin).

But taking care of the young Gabrielle (Frankie Hervey) is more trouble than Charlie anticipates.

The season 1 is available on Netflix, users may give this offbeat comedy a chance, if only to see Elba demonstrate his real-life DJ skills (he typically performs under the name DJ Big Driis).

Great Events, always had a fantastic time and returned every time a new event is launched.

Charlie is a fantastic host and the people are friendly and welcoming.

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