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I don't care about the service, I don't want to use the service anymore, I just want peace of mind that I am not going to be reported for a sexual offense and have to register as a sex offender.

Everyone was an adult that I saw, I was under the impression this was an adult site (from past experiences and word of mouth), And given the chance I would have closed out as I wanted to avoid this kind of situation to begin with!

Anyway, I would rather it be a scam by a website to post anonymous pictures of peoples dingles than see my local authorities show up at my door for some "tough love". But on a more serious note, it just seems to be the way some members of the current generation chooses to perform the mating ritual.cdwjava, I agree with you and cbg. They don't want to put forth the time and energy to meet people face to face and have a,real relationship.

Best case scenario they'll just ban me from the site and I walk away from the proverbial hot stove with my hands burned for a little because I decided to touch said stove. They would rather sit or lay on their behinds and make excuses for their behavior.

Our free gay video chat is a particular section which caters to gay guys and curious guys who want to meet gay men online.

You will find thousands of guys using the Funyo random gay chat from all backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

Of course that was cyber sex related to a random video chat site Chatrandom.But I suspect that picture is going up on the net somewhere - in what capacity, I'm not prepared to say. Young people think they know everything about everything because they google it. Unfortunately, smart is the last thing many of them are.Dang kids wandering around our lawns with their naughty bits hanging out. Honestly, from personal experience and talking with others (of all ages who've done similar stupid things through out life), it works like a drug addiction almost.I myself got hooked into by friends, did it for a couple of years because it was a new experience, quick and easy time killer, quit it last year as I got disinterested, had an itch for another go and caved in for a quick fix.Realized the hard way why it was stupid to begin with.

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