Christian book dating my daughter

Notice I did not say what is "right or wrong," as the principles of right and wrong are no longer valid without absolute morals to establish their foundational basis, and our children get this point all too well.

Our youth's views on dating have just followed this same pathway.

In this way, it is always a win-win proposition with God's glory being the ultimate goal.

As a dad, I want to be a "sounding board" for my sons and daughters.

Yet, as parents, we can help our children get back on a God-honoring path when it comes to dating.

For me, this has equated to a life-time pursuit of dialogue with my children in and around God's greater purpose for our lives.

My wife and daughter know this truth well (not to say that women don't see things.

They often do, especially within the actions of other women).

Any couple that thinks they can go the course of spending a considerable amount of time together, without definite parameters is setting themselves up for failure.

At this point in their lives, they need me to be more of a counselor than an active coach.

If I've done my job well during their primary years, the foundation is formed and they're beginning to build upon it.

I realize that every young girl out there may not have a dad that will be there for her.

In that case, both the mother and daughter should look to pull in a man that can speak into the assessment of the young male suitor.

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