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Working as a relationship psychologist and global director of elite introductions agency Berkeley International means I work closely with both sexes to discuss what they look for in a partner, their feelings about dating and thoughts on the dates they have been on.What is abundantly clear is that women and men are programmed very differently and this is particularly obvious when they date.p .main-container #login input[type=text], .main-container #login input[type=password] .main-container #login input[type=text] .main-container #login input[type=password] .main-container #login div .main-container .remember-forgot .main-container .main-container .main-container #login div label .main-container button .main-container #social .main-container #social span .main-container #social span.facebook .main-container #social .main-container #social span.twitter .main-container #social .main-container .main-container .While Christmas is an exciting time filled with joy, family and overindulgence, it can often be a stressful ordeal for those unsure about what to get their partner.If you and your partner are well past the honeymoon stage and are undoubtedly in lurrve, you’ll likely already have an idea of what to get them.Even at this stage of a relationship, it’s still worth surprising and delighting each other with thoughtful gifts, and this doesn’t necessarily mean spending the big bucks.While the butterflies are in a flutter, this is still a sensitive time in a relationship so it’s important to choose the right present.The key is to not get anything too sentimental or reflective of a more serious relationship stage than you’re in.

Men, on the other hand, do not like to share as many date details on their group Whats App.

They don’t want to be made fun of for being too keen by their friends.

Although equality is important in every relationship, women secretly hark after traditional values and want a man to show his assertiveness.

Whether you’re casually seeing other, officially dating, or in a LTR (long term relationship), you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this ultimate Gift Guide from Etsy Australia.

Just Dating This stage is for those who have just started dating; you’ve gone on a few dates and you clearly like each other enough to keep it going.

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