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Remember that 8% of all white men see the world like this, to a greater or lesser degree, and that in a room of 250 people (of mixed race/gender) at least 12 will be colour blind.

The pictures below are a very close simulation to how I see the world, all day, every day, everywhere.

When I look at these pictures there is almost no difference at all - both the left and the right image look almost identical.

The shade of green used for ‘on’ and red used for ‘off’ are close to indistinguishable for me.

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    See where the earliest user comment dates from 2011-09-27.

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    ' - of course not since I was never prompted :-) If you don't know what the problem it's hard to come up with the solution - I was lucky to find that forum post earlier that pointed me in the right direction.

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    By pretending she or he doesn’t understand what you want, or what you want her to do, the manipulator/passive-aggressive makes you take on what is her responsibility, and gets you to break a sweat. Holding another responsible for the manipulator’s happiness and success, or unhappiness and failures. I have unwittingly manipulated people in the past and it is something I still sense a need in myself to change now I have seen it in myself for what it is. I know it is never easy to admit to and face head on I'm seeing this in a work environment.