Consolidating debt mortgage

As with a standard mortgage, you can get discounted, fixed and tracker offset mortgages.

You'll need to work out the best type of mortgage for you, what you can afford and what risk you're willing to take with your finances in order to get a better deal.

Continue reading our guide for the facts or call direct the UK’s leading lenders direct.

Whatever happens, it’s good to shop around the market even if you’re not looking to remortgage your property immediately.

Our guide to remortgaging can help you decide if switching from your current mortgage deal is right for you Paying off your existing mortgage with a new one can offer flexibility, a better deal on your monthly repayments or an opportunity to consolidate your debts.

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With interest rates fluctuating, you may wish to consider remortgaging with a variable rate tracker mortgage plan, or move onto a fixed rate mortgage for stability.

Tracker mortgage: Unlike a fixed rate mortgage, a tracker mortgage will set your remortgage deal interest rate a percentage above the Bank of England's base rate or above the lender's standard variable rate.

This means that if the Bank of England's base rate goes up or down, then this will affect the rate you pay.

Such deals can be good if you want the security of knowing what your monthly repayments will be.

However make sure to think carefully about when you fix your mortgage rate.

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