Cougar dating san francisco

Celebs in the cougar club include Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry, Madonna and Demi Moore.

Still, some object to likening women to predatory animals with fangs and claws.

The 42-year-old Santa Cruz resident has dated four cubs, men aged 18 to 24, in the past year alone. We don’t need men to take care of us, we can take care of ourselves,” she says.

“We thought these Silicon Valley cubs could profit from being under the wing of an experienced cougar.” Indeed, while men and women of all ages are invited to attend the convention, it’s certainly a purr-fect opportunity for wannabe cubs to go hunting in the, ahem, lion’s den.“Age discrimination is perhaps the most pervasive prejudice in American society,” says Gosse, who is chairman of the Society of Single Professionals and has run singles events for years.“Older women are victimized by our youth-oriented society. But the truth is that there are millions of men who find older women attractive.” Silicon Valley, Gosse believes, is the perfect place for the convention because it is filled with workaholic young men who are married to their jobs, not to mention plenty of independent-minded women.Tina Fey had a cougar moment of her own on “30 Rock.” There was a cheesy reality show called “The Cougar” on TV Land last year.And this fall Courteney Cox graduates from “Friends” to cougar status in the ABC sitcom “Cougar Town.” Jools Krueger, for one, has considered herself a cougar for years.

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