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If you have a specific question, please let me know and I will happily address it.

I do not find his "scientific" young earth theory to be credible. I discuss this in some detail in my book "Is There a God? I do not want to give a point-by-point refutation of Ham’s view on the age of the earth because you have not brought up a specific question.

I believe God began the process and that he has had his "hand" in the process from the beginning, intervening in miraculous ways at various times for reasons known only to him.

Last June we arranged a debate titled "Four Christian Views of Evolution." In this debate (in which I took one of the four positions), we considered publicly four alternative Christain views of Evolution.

Those who take this view believe quite literally that on the third through sixth twenty-four hours of God’s creative work, all species which have ever lived were created ex-nihilo (ie.

out of nothing) in a form virtually the same as can be seen today.

There is a kind of free will in history, in our personal lives and in the way nature works, but God does, at various times and for reasons of his own intervene in our personal lives-to answer prayers, for example.

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Bottom line, YEC believes in fixed species and completely rejects the theory of organic evolution commonly known as Darwinism or neo-Darwinism.

Either way, YEC does not reject the idea of species extinction, but it does reject the creation of new species over great periods of geologic time.

To summarize, the YEC position is that the entire content of the first several chapters of Genesis are literal accounts of what actually happened, both in the order of what happened and even in the amount of time the writer or writers of Genesis seem to imply.

Before entering into a tentative description of the four categories of thought on evolution represented by our forum, let me begin with the qualifier in the title.

Because we wanted to ask believers to consider uniquely Christian views of evolution, we decided to exclude deistic evolution from the discussion.

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