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The fruiting body or sporophore is easily identifiable with its ‘pizza-like’ appearance.

The spore out from these fruiting bodies can be the first indication that dry rot is present.

Rising damp Plaster will bubble and peel away from the interior walls.

Indeed, this particular relationship, with a fellow longstanding Faber & Faber Director like Kennerley, is not remarked upon in most of the scholarship on Eliot.

You may be able to remove mould yourself, or you may need to get a professional to remove it.

On its website, it recommends: “Only remove mould yourself if its caused by contestation and covers an area less than one metre squared (1x1 metre or 3x3 feet).

Keep an eye out and try to notice any springy feeling when you’re walking across your floors as this may indicate a breakdown of the structure of the wood.

According to NHS Choices, once you’ve identified and fixed the source of moisture in your home you can get rid of any mould.

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