Dating a ibanez ts808

Ma N main page Basics | Tube Screamer History | TS10 | TS9DX Turbo | TS5 Soundtank | TS7 Tone Lok | TS808 reissue | TS808HW Hand-Wired | Tube Screamer Mini | SD9 Sonic Distortion | Boss Pedal Mods | MAXON mods (OD9, SD9, AD9 etc) | Sound Improvement | Reviews | Classic 808 mod | Brown option | KWS tour survival option | SILVER option | Sound Samples | Switch repairs | True Bypass | Clean Boost | Mod purchase information | Kit for overseas | Online ordering | Mod Form for sending with your pedal | Players of our modified pedals | Can you make an Ibanez or Boss pedal True Bypass?This has been moved to our Tube Screamer History Page.See the SILVER MOD page for more feedback from Scott from a message on my answering machine.Scott use the TS9/808 on his (August 02) CD Well to the Bone, on tracks 1,5,6 and 9.Also, the midrange is voiced a little lower than my TS-9, which I think is why it sounds more transparent. Your Tube Screamer is pissing all over my poor little weak, no bass, nasally-sounding TS-9.

dating a ibanez ts808-2

This mod will keep those parts in place better than stock.

SOUND IMPROVEMENT In my experience about 50% of original TS-9s I have played have sounded weak and thin, mostly due to a weak or incorrect op-amp.

The "distortion" issue of GUITAR PLAYER in October '92 mentioned this, and interviewed Eric Johnson. said that he "went through about 15 of them before he found a couple that he liked".

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been using my modified TS9 tube screamers since late 1998.

On the left is a picture of three of his pedals that he sent me for the mods.

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