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If you keep your head down and your tone of voice flat and you don’t make an impression, your application most likely will not make an impression either. Think of the patient encounters and the experiences you’ve had that have cemented this choice in your mind.

Make sure your passion and dedication come through in how you speak to the interviewer.

Whatever types of medical school interviews you have, the tips listed below will help you succeed during your medical school interview. Medical school admissions committees want to get a sense of who you are in the short time that they spend with you.

As an applicant to medical school, you are being considered for a profession in which one’s integrity is of the utmost importance. Really, this is one of the simplest medical school interview tips—just tell the truth—but it’s important.

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There is a reason that everybody says “don’t cross your arms” during an interview.

Crossing your arms communicates that you are not interested or that you are “closed off.” Find something comfortable and non-distracting to do with your hands.

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