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We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below.Your revolver is modern and should handle all of that 130gr FMJ you can run through it, I've found that my 10's shoot the 158gr loads best.You will probably find aftermarket grips more comfortable than the stock factory wood ones.In any case the brochures/instruction sheets are often available on Gunbroker, a quick search now showed a couple for HB M10's, none that I could see for the standard barrel, and you could also try Ebay. wow, hey smith and wesson can I get this done in nickel? lol : D: D: D thanks for the help guys, I hope to shoot it soon, sounds like I got a deal, maybe not steal, but deal anyway, at 300 OTD for it.Gunshows in this area often have guys that sell these things (alongs with grips, boxes, original tools) and you could check local gunstores, I know of a couple that keep boxes of old brochures. This seems to be especially true for early N frames and the M&P models.At best, these tables may indicate a probable production era for a particular gun." As frames were produced they were serial numbered, but the frame itself would sit, in storage, until needed, then the other components would be assembled into a complete revolver - then the completed revolver itself may well sit in storage.

I should note here also that S&W has currently suspended the factory letters until Mr.I always thought that when S&W added a new dash number to the model number, all new production would include the new dash number and the engineering modifications associated with it.Clermont - No, serial numbers were not sequential, and serial numbers cannot really determine date of "manufacture".well i noticed that in the box there's some of the original papers, no manual though but anyway the warranty card (which isn't filled out : D) has stamped in red "New prices are effective April 22, 1974.Prices are increased approximately 10%" That mean that the guns actually older than 1975? guess only way we'd really know is if I got a factory letter for it..that though we'll see what life brings us.

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