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So you’ve obtained an antique desk fan, and you want clean it up and restore it, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get the blades off.Based on a number of email inquiries, here are instructions for removing the blades from certain Emerson antique desk fans.I trickled some penetrating oil down the hub so it could get into the threads and free things up, but even after that I had to heat up the hub spindle with a heat gun.The heated metal expanded and broke the threads loose.From Dome Types, Bowl Types, Single Lights, 3-4 Light Fitters / Adjustable Fitters, and Outdoor Light Fixtures.Some light fixtures are universal and can be mixed between manufacturers; however the shopping cart system does not allow this.*The estimates provided are preliminary only and subject to change based on firsthand inspection and further research.

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The hub on my fan had frozen onto the rotor, and no amount of physical force would get it turning."Early electric fans were made well and built to endure," explains Mark Neeley, owner of, an online resource.This may explain why collectors can still find them in plentiful supply.Once you’ve got the Allen wrench in position, grasp the fan blade by the blade hub (commonly called the “spider”).Yes, the blades will provide more leverage, but they bend pretty easily, and once you’ve bent a fan blade, it will never be the same again.

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