Dating coach in houston tx

Definitely the clients I'm working with have one thing in common—they're elite, with high net worth and very busy lives.

When I was working in the aerospace and defense industry, I was looking for CEOs with specific experience and for these guys I'm looking for specific type of woman.

When I take on a client I get to know them in the initial interview over the phone, and then we meet in person and I'll spend a day with them, go to their home, see how they live. I do work with women—I may suggest they change way they dress or their hairstyles—sometimes women need to be more sensual.

I'll tell a guy to stop hiding the bald spot and shave his head because it's not doing him any favors.

Kate has created a unique compatibility system that ensures you have this foundation to build on.

for figuring out which of her friends would make a good couple when she was growing up in Sugar Land.

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It's not just intuition, it's understanding human psychology and relationship patterns.

People will go on Tinder or just to shop—there is a high percentage of users who are not even divorced yet, who are doing online shopping trying see what their worth is, see what kind of attention they get. A lot of my clients are Baby Boomers—even if they've tried online dating, they're against it because it's a meat market out there, it's a zoo.

Another thing happening is online dating is not so commitment-minded—it's like the grass is always greener, because you can always find someone else. That's why people are going back to the matchmaker.

A Matchmaker or dating coach will help you break that cycle of wrong people and open your heart for new love. You’ll be able to see each other’s profile before you start communicating.

~ A matchmaker will also help you sort through potential partners and find the one for YOU. How many women or men do you need for yourself, anyways? ~ With private or group coaching, we’ll help you build a healthy relationship that will last.

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