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Scattered through the White Bear mine, which in the 1890s occupied Callahan’s Gulch, they found more evaporated milk and vegetable cans.In the can dump alongside the Weed Lumber Company camp, which stood near Grass Lake from 1908 to 1911, they dug up thousands more, and Rock collected many from later decades.Nearly a century later, Rock was able to reconstruct life in those communities through the cans they left behind, some recycled into makeshift mugs or nail-perforated strainers.At the Waldstein mining claim, which first operated in the 1870s near Eddy Gulch, just south of Klamath National Forest, archaeologists unearthed evaporated milk cans and opium tins.Through careful research on the food companies behind each can, Rock could trace the use of baking powder, a mid-ninteenth-century advancement in baking that provided quick, reliable leavening.The KC brand in his collection was first introduced in 1890, though his particular can dated from the 1940s, when baking powder was a well-established part of the American pantry.(Those who arrived in the 1850s planned to stay longer; they were searching for gold.) At first, prospecting supplies and canned foods were shipped by sea or carried north by steamboats and packed on mule trains for the final trip to the northern California gold fields.

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Source(s): National Dairy Council Factsheet: “Newer Knowledge of Dairy Foods--Protecting the Quality of Milk and Other Dairy Foods” Very Best (Nestle corporate website) “Commonly Asked Questions” Susan Brewer, Ph. Nonfat dry milk has a shelf life of 12-18 months under the conditions described above.Once opened, dry milk should be stored in an airtight container.Powdered milk (water extracted entirely) has a shelf life of 6-9 months when stored at lower than 80° F and less than 65% relative humidity.But the protein and sugars in powdered milk, whether opened or not, react over time to cause it to brown and become clumped and off-flavored.

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