Dating fet dating in kharkov

It’s our number one site, and you simply won’t see scammers like this on Perversions .

However, in January 2017, Fet Life temporarily shut down the ability to create new groups.

Fet Life comparison, Fet Life ratings, Fet Life review, Fet Life scam, is Fet Life any good, is Fet Life for real, is Fet Life legit, online fetish dating sites, scam fetish dating sites, sites like Fet Life, worst fetish dating sites Fet boasts quite a bit and delivers very little. While it might have a supposedly huge membership base, you just don’t see that kind of activity on the site itself.

That’s the main thing that we can say about this site right off the bat, because seriously, when you’re talking about having over 2 million members, you need to be able to impress and impress quite a bit. No matter how many old profiles it has lurking around, that’s not going to mean much of anything when it just doesn’t result in anyone being able to get laid on here.

While you’re waiting for Fet Life to rise from the ashes, which will never happen, we suggest you check out this article on books:

cat=38 Learning about hot wax play is a lot more fun than this site is, that’s for sure:

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