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If you’re unsure about how your friend feels about you then you should not try to rush anything otherwise you may destroy any chances that you have of dating your friend.

If they feel pressured it may not only turn them off from dating you but they may stop hanging out with you as a friend as well.

That’s why it’s important to educate your friends and community about dating abuse and how to have a healthy relationship.

When you have romantic feelings for someone it can be heart breaking to be put in the friend zone.

See how they react to you being flirty and more of a date versus their friend.

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Help your friend identify these behaviors by connecting them to resources or sharing information about healthy relationship signs.Surprise them with gifts, flirty text messages and even offer to take them out to dinner and pay for the bill.This will give you a chance to show them how you feel without overdoing it.Instead, let them know that you want to help and can connect them to resources when they are ready.Check out this graphic for great examples of supportive things to say during the conversation.

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