Dating girls in syria

The families also believe that by marrying girls off early, the husbands will become their protectors in a foreign land, she said.Among some Syrian refugees coming to Jordan was a mindset that by marrying a Jordanian, the girl would gain social status and her family will be able to leave the refugee camp, Homsi said.When she arrived in Jordan, “I felt broken and weak,” she said recently through an interpreter.After finding her footing, she became an activist within her refugee community and is now part of a team of volunteers educating women and girls about their rights.To discourage families from marrying off their girls at a young age, community volunteers like Alshraidab and Hilal will meet at one of the houses of a family where they have identified a need.

Sometimes their message works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least it gets the community talking, the volunteers said.

Fatima Hilal (right) said in Syria, women barely knew about their rights, so now she is spreading the word.

Photo by Larisa Epatko/PBS News Hour Child marriage is a common practice in Syria, said Fatima Hilal, another volunteer who coaches refugee women and girls about their rights through aid organization CARE’s Women Leadership Councils.

After her husband’s abuse became too much to bear, she got a divorce and became a single parent of two.

She fled with her children when the fighting in Syria worsened in 2012.

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