Dating in high school is stupid

Here ara more reasons why you should not date in high school:1.

You Have to Find Yourself First You are in process of searching who you are, and it happens in high school.

Have you done reading all the reasons why you should not date in high school?

dating in high school is stupid-66

There Will be Time to Date Later Come on, you’re still young.Focused on Your School You must be reading many Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend in High School if you have boyfriend in school.While you have to study hard you learn how treat your boyfriend instead. You Don’t Need to Worry About What to Wear Everyone want to look pretty in front of their crush.You Don’t Know What is Love Yet If you meet a good boy, then it’s a big relieve. We never what will happen to your future because you know love too early.You know it first even before you become more mature and wise about love.9.

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