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It isn’t just women who are lured into love and romance by conmen in foreign climes – men too can be victims of scams that cost them a great deal of cash as well as their pride.

The prime spots for men are South Asian countries (the typical places are Thailand with the girlie bars and sex tourism trade) and eastern European countries where unsuspecting and often desperate men hook up with willing sexual partners, often for money and convince themselves that their protestations of love are genuine. It’s not nice to have to be so suspicious and of course genuine holiday romances can and do happen – even marriages.

He then involved me in a very elaborate and sadistic scam that lasted 7 months in which he convinced me that dangerous criminals and the American Secret Service were pursuing us.

We lived as fugitives travelling between different countries in Europe.

x The following is not a romance scam but a scam that was done to me in person last year in Europe when I came across an Australian man in Florence, Italy.

It’s one of those things all single people probably think of when going on holiday – the ubiquitous holiday romance.The trouble is, in many cases people suspend judgement while abroad and do things with people that they would never consider at home.If your holiday crush mentions money, marriage or how much he/she would love to move to England in the first few hours, walk away.But in some cases, a fun filled fortnight can lead to a fraught return home.Don’t be scammed into believing that one of the locals has fallen head over heels when in some cases he or she might just love what you can do for them...

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