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I think there is a harshness they may develop because they are trained to build people by tearing them down.

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As such, there are fighters that I know who are extremely arrogant and over-confident; some of those fighters also have the skill to back up that arrogance.

A really good guy, but we lost touch almost a decade ago when my phone ate all my numbers in the midst of both of us moving to other areas and I ended up changing my number in that whole debacle.

He was opposed to social media in all forms, so there's no tracking him down that way.

It does take being realistic for me to establish a bond with him.

He is also very loyal, organized, and goal oriented. The ex-marine I dated was laid back and easygoing - but he didn't drink the Kool-Aid and was very deliberate in not buying into what was often a typical mentality in that particular branch.

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