Dating online revenue

A range of documents can be accessed for a period of a month or typically a year.For example, I subscribed to for access to the digital technology section for around‚ 80 GBP per year a few years ago.The limitation of the model is that it assumes the same model across the whole site.

These days, startups and innovation continue, so this post is aimed at explaining the ad revenue model options available.Digital rights management (DRM) The use of different technologies to protect the distribution of digital services or content such as software, music, movies, or other digital data. The site owner such as charges advertisers a rate card price (for example 50 GBP CPM) according to the number of its ads shown to site visitors.Ads may be served by the site owners own ad server or more commonly through a third-party ad network service such as Google Ad Sense as is the case with my site. Advertisers are charged not simply for the number of times their ads are displayed, but according to the number of times they are clicked.There's no simple answer to this, but to help, several years ago I created this spreadsheet model which also features in my books as an activity to help students working on this topic.It shows the main parameters you need to set (blue fields) and it works out the revenue earning (orange fields).

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