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ALSO READ: Six signs that he is the one Jess turned 23 two Saturdays ago.She is single again, like this time last year, and living in South C with her big sister.The dating website and phone app Zoosk recently analyzed the profiles of 1,200 women to find out if men actually prefer the “all-natural” look or if they do, in fact, desire a woman with makeup.Women who wore eye shadow were 139 percent more likely to receive messages from men compared to women who did not wear eye makeup.That doesn’t have much to do with our story today, at least until you get to the end. ) that he had been having a long side affair with his ex, Esther.Esther was the older then-college girl Bob had dumped for Jessica, who he claimed he had fallen in love with at first sight (and way prettier than plain old Esther).

On Valentine’s Day last year, she found a beautiful necklace gift-wrapped in her desk drawer.Anyway, Jess turned 22 in January last year, sad that she was back to single; but at least she now had her own simple house in Zimmerman.And a job paying Sh30,000 a month, working for a guy running his own small business in tao.As it turned out, Ronnie’s fiancée returned to her country to marry her true love, the man she had left for Kenya, and now realised was The One!‘Good riddance,’ Ron said, and within a week, Jessica had moved in with him to his nice apartment in Kileleshwa. Things came to a head on New Year’s Eve when Jessica went for a Dec 31 gig with Ronnie to a Mombasa hotel where, by bad luck, Eddie was staying with his wife and (now) three children.

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