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The fountainiers would open and close water valves outside of buildings, as directed, all over the city.As they lacked modern plumbing systems it was impossible to connect all buildings at once and it also acted as a conservation method.The colonists left France in 1641 for Quebec, and arrived on the island the following year.On May 17, 1642, Ville-Marie was founded on the southern shore of Montreal island, with Maisonneuve as its first governor.One possibility, noted by the Government of Canada on its web site concerning Canadian place names, speculates that the name as it is written nowadays originated when an early map of 1556 used the Italian name of the mountain, Monte Real; The Saint Lawrence Iroquoians, an ethnically and culturally distinct group from the Iroquois nations of the Haudenosaunee then based in present-day New York, established the village of Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal two centuries before the French arrived.

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Montreal has the second-highest number of consulates in North America, In the Mohawk language the island is called Tiohtià:ke Tsi.while the construction of the Victoria Bridge established Montreal as a major railway hub.The leaders of Montreal's business community had started to build their homes in the Golden Square Mile (~2.6 km In the 19th century maintaining Montreal's drinking water became increasingly difficult with the rapid increase in population.Before these 100 arrived in the fall of 1653, the population of Montreal was barely 50 people.By the early 18th century, the Sulpician Order was established there.

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