Dating sexmatch

When you tell someone you’re invested in your relationship, it’s generally assumed that you’re talking about love, not money.

But throughout history, relationships—whether courtship, marriage or sexual dalliances—are, at their heart, business arrangements.

Those economic undercurrents persist today, and developments in modern technology have brought them forward in some respects—and blurred the lines between the search for love and the search for sex.

According to a study by the University of Chicago, 35 percent of couples who married between 20 met online.

Economics play a substantial role in the online dating world, often overtly so.

Driven by technology and social change, money—who has it and how they spend it—is taking center stage once again when it comes to sex and love, while at the same time reframing the balance of power in the realms of dating, sex and marriage.

Online dating is virtually a metaphor for the economics of modern courtship, with would-be partners attempting to market their qualifications with a photo and a few lines of personal information.

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