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Show me that you’ve got what it takes to be a bond-girl!

Finally, make sure you know how to tease and exactly why it is super important to have very successful dates at: Sadly, some guys are too nervous, too shy, too insecure to even talk to women and initiate this type of role-play situation.

If you feel like you have some psychological hurdles which prevent your success with girls and hold you back from greatness – like nervousness, shyness, anxiety, lack of healthy boundaries, and other self-esteem issues – then I can help you get over them with the help of my Full Inner Game Course, which I currently provide for free free if you sign up for my newsletter below.

Emotions are the main currency of attraction and seduction, so let’s start with a random example – there can literally be HUNDREDS: Imagine you’re both sitting there, having a fun conversation, and then you suddenly think of a silly situation in your head and decide to playfully bring it out by saying something like this to the girl: “Ok, so I’m James Bond, and you’re my Bond girl! You then playfully say to her something silly like: “So are you a good getaway driver? “Do you look hot without clothes or are they all gonna freak out when they see you?

”Immediately the girl will perk up, because she’ll sense that this is the start of something wonderful. You can even build some sexual tension with this by eventually taking the whole thing onto more sexual topics, saying something like this when you’re deep into the date and she is already attracted to you: “Hmmm… ”Do you realize what even a ridiculous question like that can achieve!?

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