Dating vintage levis

Note: 501s come in all sorts of washes; look for cool touches like paint splatters, rips, or whisker fades.Where to Buy: e Bay, Etsy, Tictail, Denim Refinery, Urban Outfitters, your local thrift store, curated vintage shops. The super high waist nips everything in, while a little extra room (and sometimes stretch) through the thigh and its tapered leg make these jeans curve-friendly. Leg: Slim fit with a tapered ankle on pairs from the ’80s; late ’70s pairs have a slight flare.Call it a trend, call it a responsible environmental choice, but vintage denim is a "thing" any way you cut it.In part, vintage jeans have never been so popular because there have never been so many options.Levi’s are usually associated with the 19th-century San Francisco firm of Levi Strauss & Co., which made the famous, blue, copper-riveted “waist overalls,” as pants were originally known, and sold them to miners in the gold fields of California.

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The gold standard of vintage Levi’s, 501s look great on every body type.

there isn’t a way to go wrong." While the pool may be wide, shopping for vintage jeans isn’t as simple as picking your typical size off the thrift store rack (the size on the tag basically means nothing), and not every pair is created equal: Some of these jeans are going to make your butt look good, and some of these jeans are going to make your butt look good.

(Wedgie jeans are styled after vintage for a reason.) Different brands are also geared toward different bodies.

Note: These are great for an hourglass shape, or anyone looking for statement denim — acid wash is common, as are unexpected embellishments at the ankle like zippers, buttons, snaps, and/or denim bows.

Where to Buy: e Bay, Etsy, Jordache, Tictail, your local thrift shop.

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