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If your outreach goal is to publish a guest article, guidelines are an excellent source of information that can tell you what to write about, what the respective blog wants and what they do not accept.Maximize your social media & influencer marketing and build your business brand with Social Selling Entrepreneur!I’m meeting a beautiful tall (6’4″) doctor who I’m going to call…….. We’re inviting SINGLES from all over to join us for this speed dating event that is …Continue reading We are seeking about 10 males and females for a pilot that the producers will be pitching to a major network.This tool allows you to exclude blogs that are already linking to your website, to pick results based on the language, and to exclude specific terms – like “services” (to remove competitors) or You Tube, etc.When I looked at the Pet Bloggers Group – it showed me, there are 516 members in that group.Start with using Google to prospect the blogosphere for good candidates.

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You can use keywords like “best dogs for kids” to find blogs that mention dogs but are not your adversaries.● With blogger outreach, your whole brand can become more visible on the web.By reaching out to others in your niche, you can land collaboration gigs, like getting bloggers to review your products on their website, etc.The main ones being the guys writing these silly guides come off as tossers the majority of the time and I’m also not in the business of telling people what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their lives (or money) when it comes to who they choose to be with.If you want to hook up with a woman 20 years your junior or one who has seen more cockends than weekends from working the pole then that is your choice.

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