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You don’t have to hide the fact you’re in a new relationship.

Part of the fun of the beginning stages of dating someone is the butterflies you get when you talk about him and the smile you can’t help spreading across your face.

As such, Woody, who has always just hung out with friends in groups, contemplates asking a girl out on a date for the first time in his life, but being inexperienced, he doesn't know how to go about it or how to act on the date. The prettiest girl or the most outgoing girl may not be the best choice, but rather the girl with whom he thinks he would have the best time.

The holidays are about family, and while it might be tempting to bring your new man home to Mom, Dad and 30 of your closest relatives, it’s best to hold off on the introduction.

When you bring someone home for the holidays, you are telling your family the relationship is serious, even if you aren’t entirely sure it is.

Bringing someone new into your family circle can be intensely overwhelming for both parties, and it might end up putting too much pressure on the relationship.

Several specific events within that span show the wrong ways to handle the situation, and one of the right ways.

These situations include who to ask, how to ask her, if he needs to buy her a gift such as flowers, and what to do when he drops her off at the door after the date ...

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