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There is no minimum project value specified in the Government Construction Strategy for the adoption of BIM in public sector procurement so long as the there is a projected positive return on investment and value in the data to be created.This model describes levels of maturity with regards to the ability of the construction supply chain to operate and exchange information.Design information is shared through a common file format such as IFC (Industry Foundation Class) or COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange).Level 3 - fully collaborative working across all disciplines using a single, shared project model held centrally and accessible and by all to modify ad share data.The model is applied to an entire project scenario so while an organisation may claim to be operating at Level 2, it may have a number of projects that are only able to operate at Level 1.Collaboration is limited between disciplines with each controlling and issuing its own information.Level 2 – collaborative working across disciplines with all parties using 3D CAD models, integrated but not necessarily shared.Government understands that as a purchaser of construction services and asset manager it can gain significant savings in capital and operational cost, increased value and carbon performance through the use of open sharable asset information.

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The majority of HM Government departments have already met the requirements for BIM Level 2 and the remaining departments are on target to meet the 2016 mandate.

The task now is to consolidate and embed BIM Level 2 throughout departmental processes.

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