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There are a number of ways to configure the granularity and behavior of the Visual Studio grid.

These settings are global in that once defined, they apply to all forms and projects, not just to the current form or project.

Typically it will appear in the design area as follows: Controls are added to the form using the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is usually accessed by clicking on the Toolbox tab to the left of the Visual Studio main window.

Note also that for some reason, changes to the grid do not immediately take effect in forms in which you are already working. When the dialog appears, click on Windows Forms Designer in the left hand tree.

Grid settings are changed using the Visual Studio Options screen. Once selected the dialog should appear as follows: The settings available here require some explanation: One of the key objectives in designing esthetically pleasing forms is getting controls aligned.

Once the control is added to the form you will need to click and drag it to the desired location.

The form object is essentially a container for holding the controls that allow the user to interact with an application.

Controls are individual objects such as Buttons and Text Boxes.

Another approach to adding controls to a form is to click on the control in the Toolbox and drag it onto the form.

When the control is in the required location, release the mouse button to drop the control into place.

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