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Eventually, he was given the news that he was going to live with Sue and John Brierley, an Australian couple who had adopted him.

Like in the movie, they sent a photo album to introduce themselves to Saroo. "I was lookin' at Google Maps, realized there's Google Earth as well, a world where you can zoom into," says Saroo.

Lucy mainly exists in the film to represent Saroo's current status.

He was raised by white parents in Australia, a world that greatly contrasts the one into which he was born, and Lucy is there in the film to remind us of that.

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They got on a train to Burhanpur, which was about two hours away.true story confirms that she worked long hours carrying bricks and cement and was often gone for extended periods.Saroo had two older brothers, Guddu and Kullu, and a little sister, Shekila, who he looked after while his brothers were out searching for coins and ways to earn money.A nonprofit child-welfare group known as the Indian Society for Sponsorship and Adoption (ISSA) visited the home regularly and felt that Saroo was a good candidate for adoption.He was transferred to an orphanage, cleaned up, and taught how to eat with a knife and fork (a skill that could improve his chances of being adopted).

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