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Dexter follows the kid to a traffic accident, watching him as Hamilton snaps photos of the injured people and the mayhem surrounding the scene.

Hamilton turns it into a how-to-kill teaching moment.

She also appears in the television series, based on Lindsay's books, portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter.

Dexter lets him keep the dog out of a desire to protect his son from the ugly truth. It's hard to imagine lovely, positive feelings blooming from something as shitty as a divorce, but I think when two people are mature and self-aware like Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. For the last few years, Dexter fans have been curious about what it must be like working. Relationship advice and tips learned from Jamie Batista on Dexter.

This season Jamie Batista has been dating Joseph Quinn. This proves to be true as Quinn later admits to having feelings for Debra, stating that it was Jamie who made him realize this.

How would you feel if you were drugged and the last thing you saw before you slid into oblivion was your ex-girlfriend serial killer (who you had put in jail) striding toward you?

Hannah Mc Kay makes quite an entrance at the end of the episode, doing just that, but there were many other cliffhangers tonight.

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