Diddy and jennifer lopez dating again

Three years later, tragedy struck when Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced their split with Anthony filing for a divorce in April 2012 citing irreconcilable differences.

“I ain’t gonna lie — my friends have been asking me if I’m ‘single Diddy’ yet,” Diddy said in an Instagram Stories video. There have been frequently rumors of an engagement, but the two have yet to take their relationship to that stage. Fast forward to 2004, these two songbirds met again and this time, they were ready to take things more seriously.At the time, both had previously dated and even married other people."She is totally in love with her boyfriend Alex, who even told her he was going to comment back at Diddy," the source told the outlet."Jen has remained friendly with Diddy over the years since they were a couple, and if the timing were different, she might feel differently about his sweet message online, but for now, she is fully invested in looking good for her man Alex.” The source said the couple understand that Diddy's comments were just the rapper mogul being playful.

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