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They can measure the ratios of the elements in creatures that have died “Having established the world-wide uniformity of the radiocarbon assay at the present time, it seems a logical assumption that this would have been true in ancient times.” [Science Magazine, Vol. (In fact, we know the ratios are changing now, and have been over time.) A THEORY’S PREDICTION IS INCORRECT, BUT IT CAN’T BE THE THEORY THAT’S WRONG…

Since modern scientists “know” dinosaurs died millions of years ago, In this particular case, the dinosaurs were dated to between 10,000 and 25,000 years old.

Scientists who are Christians who adhere to a six-day creation would recognize that it’s expected that there would be some carbon-14 in the bones because not enough time has passed for all of it to decay (since the age of the earth is less than 2 half-lives of carbon-14).

But since the age predicted by the method is wrong (i.e.

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* Update: At, see the great summary of this presentation from Carl Wieland, president of Creation Ministries International.As reported in the journal Radiocarbon in natural gas, coal, oil and other petroleum products.As reported elsewhere also in limestone, fossilized wood, coal, marble, deep groundwater, geological graphite, Mesozoic-layer limestone, and the bones of dinosaurs including the ten described below.But just like other methods of radiometric dating, scientists can only measure the initial amount of carbon-14 in animals that die today, so they have to make guesses about the initial amounts in animals that 1) died in the past or 2) that they didn’t see die and 3) have no eye-witness accounts about when they died.They can measure the ratios of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in the atmosphere today. March 4, 1949] But if there were any kind of recent catastrophe — such as a global flood, for example — the atmospheric ratios of the two carbon atoms would probably have changed over time, and would still be changing even now.

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