Drake bell dating 2016

Before that, there was some seriously telling evidence during Cannes Film Festival in May, where Bella and Abel were seen kissing at a party.

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Many fans have even been blowing up her page with comments warning the young teen to "stay away" from Drake because he will most likely end up breaking her heart.The pair was "snuggled in the back corner," an eye-witness told the site.The insider added that Hadid and Tesfaye were "very sweet," laughing and whispering, and sitting on the same side of the table instead of across from each other. source added that the pair both wore denim jackets and chatted with another couple.Over the weekend, however, the focus shifted from Bella's rekindled romance with Tesfaye to her rumored fling with Drake from last year.I had so many people question how I knew all of @Drake Bell set list tonight.....

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