Dvr 212 problems updating the firmware

Below, you can find guidance on how to update your system accordingly.

Updating Hikvision IP Camera Firmware Click here to see a video tutorial of the above steps.

CAUTION: Updating the firmware incorrectly or using an update on the wrong DVR can permanently damage the chipset on the DVR and make it unusable.

Please verify that this update is written for your model.

Select the Dash Cam you have and wish to upgrade Firmware Update Guide | Update link 122 Firmware Update Guide | 122 (R05.7) 222 Firmware Update Guide | 222 (R06.1) 322GW Firmware Update Guide | 322GW (R16.3) 422GW Firmware Update Guide | 422GW (R16.4) 522GW Firmware Update Guide | 522GW (R16.3) 112 Firmware Update Guide | 112 (R07.8) 212 Firmware Update with guide 312GW Firmware Update with guide 412GW Firmware Update Guide | 412GW (R16.2) 512GW Firmware Update Guide | 512GW (R22.5) 612GW Firmware Update Guide | 612GW (R06.8) DUO HD Firmware Update Guide | DUO HD (R10.7) Mirror Firmware Update Guide | Mirror (R09.9) 380GW Firmware Update Guide | 380GW R11.5 Award winning Nextbase dash cam featured in the Financial Times, ‘How to Spend It’ on the Financial Times online We were thrilled to see Jonathan Margolis, the famed and well respects Financial Times journalist enjoying the Nextbase 402-G.

Hello, I search for download DR8GS0firmware (not found on lite-on website). I also had troubles after updating firmware of Lite On LDW 851S from GS08 to GS0F......

To update cpplus dvr firmware is vary easy and in this article I have help to update your cpplus dvr firmware.

Hi, new on here, but without asking for help i managed to get myself out of trouble just by reading what has been said on this forum and would just like to say thanx.

Hey, what kind of problems are you having with the new FW?

Insert the USB thumb drive loaded with the latest firmware into the DVR's USB port located on the front of the DVR towards the right.

Hikvision regularly updates the firmware in our products to resolve potential issues and keep your system running smoothly.

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